Here's a look at my console collection. Not pictured are a second XBox 360 Slim, PS2 original, SNES original, and a black Wii. Acquired since these pics were taken: Xbox One, Memorex VIS, Apple Pippin, VideoArt, Socrates, an original Famicom and a few others I can't recall. Seems it's time to take pictures again! Yes, they all work. Enjoy!

    To identify the consoles, hover your mouse over any picture that has numbered bullet points beneath it.

    Room at a Glance

    Controller Dresser

    This dresser houses nothing but controllers and connectivity cables for the consoles. Drawers are separated by manufacturer. Each console has a labeled Ziploc bag containing all required A/V and power wires, a memory card (if applicable) and a stock controller, so that you can pick up and play any system immediately. Extra and specialty controllers are just loose in the drawer.

    The Nintendo drawer

    The top of the dresser houses the oldest vintage systems I have. A veritable shrine to history.
  1. MicroVision (Milton Bradley) [boxed]
  2. Compu-Vision (Bentley) [boxed]
  3. Studio II (RCA) [with manual)
  4. Vectrex (GCE/Milton Bradley)
  5. Super Pong (Sears Tele-Games) [boxed]
  6. Super Pong (Atari)
  7. Wonder Wizard (GHP), a Odyssey 300 clone

  8. This shelf houses most of my Nintendo consoles as well as the "multimedia devices" of the 1990s. Needs more RDI Halcyon, but it's a good start.
  9. PlayStation (Sony) [with manual]
  10. Virtual Boy (Nintendo)
  11. CDi (Goldstar)
  12. Video Information System (Memorex) [incoming from eBay auction, will update photo when it arrives]
  13. Nintendo Entertainment System NES-2 (Nintendo)
  14. Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo)
  15. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo)
  16. Nintendo 64 (Nintendo)
  17. 3DO (Panasonic FZ-1)
  18. Neo Geo CD (SNK)
  19. Game Wave Family Entertainment System (ZapIT) [have box]

  20. The Notorious R.O.B.

    This IKEA shelf allowed me to drastically clean up the room and is the biggest change since the last round of pictures. The home theater PC sits on top along with the TV itself, and the FiOS receiver and surround sound tuner occupy the top center square.
  21. Wii (Nintendo) [Have complete box & paperwork]
  22. XBox 360 Slim [4GB with 20GB HD added] (Microsoft) [Have complete box & paperwork]
  23. PlayStation 3 Slim [160GB] (Sony) [Have complete box & paperwork]
  24. Master System (Sega) [Have complete box & paperwork]
  25. Dreamcast (Sega)
  26. Jaguar (Atari)
  27. psTwo (Sony) [Have complete box & paperwork]
  28. PlayStation 2 (Sony) [Have complete box & paperwork]
  29. Saturn (Sega)
  30. 32x (Sega)
  31. Genesis Mark II (Sega)
  32. Sega CD (Sega)
  33. XBox (Microsoft) [Have complete box and paperwork]
  34. Gamecube with installed Game Boy Player (Nintendo)

  35. This tightly-packed shelf is mostly the Second Generation systems I own (though I need another home for that damn TurboGrafx). I'd love to replace this shelf with one that would allow me to space out the boxes a bit, but I haven't had time or money as of yet.
  36. Odyssey 2 [attached controller version] (Magnavox)
  37. Channel F (Fairchild)
  38. IntelliVision (Mattel)
  39. Arcadia 2001 (Emerson)
  40. TurboGrafx 16 (NEC)
  41. ColecoVision (Coleco)
  42. TI-99a (Texas Instruments) [Have box]
  43. 2600 Jr. (Atari)
  44. 7800 (Atari)
  45. Video Computer System [aka 2600, woodgrain 6-switch model] (Atari)
  46. 5200 [two-port model] (Atari) [Have manual]
  47. Action Max (Worlds of Wonder)

  48. The first of three handheld shelves on the wall, this one holds my Sega and Atari handhelds.
  49. Lynx II (Atari)
  50. Nomad (Sega)
  51. Game Gear (Sega)

  52. This handheld shelf is for my "other" handhelds (and an overflow Game Boy).
  53. Game Boy (Nintendo)
  54. (Tiger)
  55. PlayStation Portable 1001 (Sony) [Have box and complete paperwork]
  56. WonderSwan Color [Final Fantasy Special Edition] (Bandai)
  57. Neo Geo Pocket Color [Ocean Blue] (SNK)
  58. N-Gage QD (Nokia)

  59. Ode to the Game Boy.
  60. Game Boy Color [Teal] (Nintendo)
  61. Game Boy Color [Berry] (Nintendo)
  62. Game Boy Color [Atomic Purple] (Nintendo)
  63. Game Boy Color [Pokémon Edition] (Nintendo)
  64. Game Boy Advance [Indigo] (Nintendo)
  65. Game Boy Advance SP [Midnight Blue] (Nintendo)
  66. DS Lite [Onyx] (Nintendo) [have complete box & paperwork]

  67. Adding the IKEA shelf allowed me to re-purpose two of the smaller shelves I had before, butting them up behind my couch. Now the couch doesn't slide on the tile when I sit down, and I have more room for some of my lesser-touched items.
  68. Genesis [Mark I] (Sega)
  69. 32x (Sega) [Complete in box]
  70. Pico (Sega) [Complete in box]

  71. The other shelf behind the couch is home to some of my sillier "console" purchases, as well as strategy guides and a boxed Power Pad I found in the flea market for $10.
  72. V-Motion (V.Tech)
  73. HyperScan (Mattel) [Complete in box]

  74. Awesome coasters made from Perler beads by my lovely lady Rebecca. She rocks so hard.

    One of two game shelves in the back of the room, this is home to all my Nintendo carts and disks, and a few other fun odds and ends. Yes, that's a Tetris board game. Eos Horizon, an Internet-based MP3 player that I designed at my last job. That's actually the prototype, serial #000000. ;)
  75. Multi-Screen Game & Watch (Pinball) (Nintendo)
  76. Wide Screen Game & Watch (Popeye) (Nintendo)

  77. My second game shelf holds mostly modern games, and a few tiny little consoles and edutainment machines.
  78. XaViXPORT (XaViX)
  79. V-Smile Pocket (V.Tech)
  80. Leapster L-Max (LeapFrog)
  81. psOne (Sony)

  82. Game shelf #3 holds retro cartridges and an Intellivoice, as well as my tumbler from Funspot, the largest arcade in North America. (and ZIM!) It is somewhat awkwardly placed at the end of my front shelving, but was needed to keep the cat from climbing back in the wires and electrocuting himself (and very likely my consoles!)

We seem to have amassed a few movies...

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